Traveling Bookstore Review: Wisconsin

This weekend I was in the great state of Wisconsin and I wanted to highlight two of the bookstores I visited.

One of my favorite used bookstores is in the Milwaukee International Airport, called Renaissance Books.  I LOVE the idea of a used bookstore in an airport – who needs used books more than travelers?  And where better to pick up a cheap read or pass along one you’re done with?  I think it’s a brilliant idea and I’m always happy to see that they are still there.  It’s in the main terminal so it’s outside of security.  (And while I’m at it, thumbs up to MKE in general, which is always a pleasant airport to fly in and out of, and that is saying quite a lot!)

A second highlight: there’s a very small town called Watertown, about halfway between Madison and Milwaukee.  This is not a town you expect to see a bookstore, but  someone has opened up a nice little coffee shop and bookstore there, Tribeca Gallery Cafe and Books.  Since running that kind of bookstore is a dream of mine, I wish them much success.  Selling books these days can’t be too easy, especially in a small store in a small town.

We also went to Madison, which is a college town (University of Wisconsin) and it was great to see bookstores all over the downtown area — but that isn’t unusual.  You expect that from a college town, and Madison is one of the nicest college towns I’ve visited.

I love seeing bookstores when I’m traveling.  Please comment or post your own favorite local bookstore!

One thought on “Traveling Bookstore Review: Wisconsin

  1. I love little unique bookstores. I’m a big fan of the Brookline Booksmith. Nice selection of new books upstairs, with a bunch of great employee recommendations and they have lots of used books in the basement. Plus they host lots of authors coming to promote their works. Always something going on.

    Also the Strand in NYC. It’s huge and has a little bit of everything.

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