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New Kindles Released Today

Waiting for my new Kindle!  Yesterday Amazon started shipping them out, two days ahead of schedule.  Great news, except my order still said “shipping date TBD”.  Even worse (sort of) they shipped the cover out ahead of the Kindle, so the Amazon box on my doorstep tonight was NOT my Kindle.

But hooray!  Tonight I got the email I was waiting for, and tomorrow it should be here!  I can’t wait to write a very thorough review…but for now, here are a few review sites.  All reputable reviewers, all VERY positive reviews:



PC World

And I wanted to share two cool websites I’ve discovered recently:

At this website you can read short stories by a lot of great authors – I highly recommend “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl.  If that’s not your thing, the website includes other greats, like Twain, Orwell, Kipling, Poe and many more.

Also wanted to share another cool website: artist Steve Thomas has these great travel-style posters for Lord of the Rings locations.  Check out this poster of Rivendell. We already have travel posters like this at home — this one will fit right in!

4 thoughts on “New Kindles Released Today

  1. Ooh how exciting! I can only imagine the torture of finding the Amazon box that was the cover and not the Kindle! I noticed the new covers with the built in light – is that what you got? So many pretty colors to choose from too!!

      • I’m not too into pink but I liked the teal cause it matches my purse…. of course I’m envying the device much more than the cover but the built in booklight was a brilliant design move!

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