New Kindle Report: Day 3

New Kindle arrived Friday, so I’ve now had two full days to play with it (er, I mean read).  Here are a few pictures and a few quick comparisons between Kindle 1 and Kindle 3.

Things that are fantastically better:

  • text/screen contrast
  • page turning time
  • space (will I ever read 3500 books?)
  • ability to sort and categorize books
  • placement of power button
  • menu button
  • arrow keys instead of the dial
  • slightly smaller, thinner, fits better in purse
  • I’ll assume battery life for now but can’t tell just yet
  • It syncs with Kindle 1, so it shares books and keeps track of where I am on both Kindles
  • It hooks into the cover and can’t fall out; also the cover has a light that is tied to the Kindle battery so I can now read anywhere.

Things I have to get used to:

  • much smaller “next page” button
  • page turns so fast for a second you can see both pages at one time
  • nice sleep feature but powering down takes longer.

You can see there isn’t much in the negatives column, and those really are things I just need to get used to.  But I will say this: my Kindle 1 has been a devoted “friend” for the last two years and I feel a little bad about setting her aside (hmm, I wasnt sure she was a “she” until I typed this).  New Kindle is fantastic but I just don’t know her very well yet.  I’m still figuring out whether to use both Kindles or share my Kindle 1 with someone (my husband?) who needs to share my Kindle addiction.

Do I sound crazy?  I’m sure I do.  But some of you out there will understand.

Here is a picture of my two Kindles side by side.

And finally a picture of the screen for those of you who are wondering how readable the print is.  The print on the new Kindle is crisper and the background whiter than Kindle 1, and yes, definitely readable in bright sunlight!

3 Responses to “New Kindle Report: Day 3”

  1. Lit Addicted Brit

    I’m so pleased I’m not the only person to grant their eReader a gender!! I know we’ve realised this similiarity before but it’s great!

    And I so know what you mean about not being able to abandon Kindle 1 – I STILL can’t get rid of the iPod I used lovingly for years…we went through so much together!

    Anyway, enjoy Kindle 3 🙂


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