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This Week’s Hop: Favorite Reviews

The subject of this week’s Crazy-for-Books blog hop is an easy one — we’ve been asked to link to our favorite book reviews or posts.

Here are two favorite reviews:

Fahrenheit 451 — this was such an amazing book it gave me so much to think and write about.  I also learned more about Ray Bradbury in the process.  Everyone who loves to read should read this book.

The Passage — my favorite review for the opposite reason, it’s one of my few really negative reviews.  Everyone seems to love this book, and I found it a long slog.  Definitely didn’t live up to the hype for me.  Usually if I hate a book I don’t finish it, and then I don’t write about it.  This one I wanted to write about.


9 thoughts on “This Week’s Hop: Favorite Reviews

  1. Ohhhh how I loved Fahrenheit 451. I read it in high school around the time I was figuring out that classic lit could be cool and twisty and not all flowery and scary.

    • It was great to read your review! I loved how you reviewed just the first two hundred or so pages. That’s exactly how I felt. The first part was so good, and the second part a let-down. And yet so many people loved it.

      Enjoy your Kindle! I really really really love mine.

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