We don’t Twitter, we Tweet … right?

Twitter has been making me feel kind of dumb lately.  I realize there are plenty of technologies out there I don’t understand (Watson, for example), and that’s fine with me.  But I blog, I Google, I have a Kindle and a smartphone and I’m a long-time (though somewhat indifferent) user of Facebook.

But bloggers — and the rest of the world — seem to use Twitter an awful lot and I can’t help but feel I’m missing something.  I know basically how it works, I get how it’s different from Facebook, but still I don’t have much idea how one actually uses it, beyond finding out which food carts will be in my area for lunch today.

So I figure the best way for me to stop feeling intimidated by this “world” I’m not a part of is to get on and start using it.  I created an account under “curlygeek04” and already I feel better.  I’ll even admit that in the 24 hours I’ve had an account, it’s become a little addictive.

But I would love to hear from the bloggers out there — how are you using Twitter?  How does it support your blog?  Do you have the same followers on both or is it easier to bring in followers on Twitter?  What authors are you following on Twitter, and do you follow other book blogs? At the moment I’m following Margaret Atwood, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day, but then I just started this yesterday.

I think I’m gonna lurk for a while, just to see what people “tweet” about. Do you tweet? If you’re out there in Twitter-land , look me up at curlygeek04.

4 Responses to “We don’t Twitter, we Tweet … right?”

  1. Alley

    My Twitter account is primarily a personal account that I slowly started using for blogging. Eventually, as I heard of the success from other bloggers, I started letting the 2 worlds intersect. I now follow a number of book bloggers and authors (Jasper Fforde) but I still Tweet whatever is on my mind at the time rather than keeping it specific to books.

  2. logyexpress

    Since in the 24 hours you’ve had an account, you already have more followers than me (and one of my followers is my dog!) without one single Tweet, I think you’re doing fine so far! I had the Twitter account first, months before I ever started my blog. I started linking some blog posts there, but I mostly just say stuff that’s on my mind or use it to communicate with bloggers I read or people I know.

    • curlygeek04

      A few of those followers are companies I think — I got some sign ups as soon as I joined and have no idea who they are. I guess it has something to do with which pages I followed.
      I’m finding Twitter fascinating…

      • logyexpress

        I think you are right. I just replied to a local musician’s tweet linking to an awesome a cappella video she did and was immediately followed by a company that I think does PR for her.

        I got this “puppy tweets” thing for Christmas that was supposed to tweet on behalf of Chuck depending on his movement/barking, etc…, but it didn’t work (just tweeted randomly) so I turned it off. But occasionally it will still tweet, which is creepy. Chuck briefly had more followers than me! Must’ve been because I made him follow a bunch of companies (like Milk Bone, Animal Planet, etc…).

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