A Meme Directory for Book Bloggers

It may be Top Ten Tuesday but as usual, I’m too burned from work to post something tonight.  So I thought I’d share a cool link: Randomize ME has put together a directory of all the weekly memes out there.   At least, these are all the ones I know of.  Seems like a good way to discover a new meme or two, or a new blog or two.  They’re even organized by day so if you need an idea on a certain day, here’s the place to go.

I don’t post a ton of memes, and when I do I like them to be pretty “bookish” — but I’m looking forward to checking out the ones I haven’t heard of before.

Most bloggers seem to pick one or two memes and post those consistently — do you think that’s important?  I haven’t stuck with any one meme on a weekly basis, I like to just post when the topic inspires me.   I don’t know if I should strive for more consistency, or just “hop” around and try a bunch of them.

I like memes that make me think about ALL the things I love about books, beyond just the reviews.  Like the shape, smell and feel of a book.  The dusty mysteriousness of a used bookstore or the calm of a library.  The way bookshelves make our home come to life — or the wonder of carrying your entire library on a device that fits in your purse.  Sometimes reading isn’t just about the written word, it’s a sensory activity.  I remember where and when I’ve read certain books, like the paperback I read on the beach in Kauai during my honeymoon.  Or certain songs evoke books I read while listening to music.  And favorite childhood books and characters are who I am, in some ways.

Can I write about these topics on my own?  I can, and do.  But meme-ing also brings us closer to the huge community of bloggers out there. Speaking of which, Randomize ME also has a list of WordPress Book Blogs (400 of them!)

So thanks, Randomize ME, for the resources.

7 Responses to “A Meme Directory for Book Bloggers”

  1. Alley

    Thanks for the link! I do a couple of the same memes whenever the topic strikes me but those I only found because other blogs I liked were participating. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is out there.

  2. Grace

    Thanks for the link. Normally I don’t use memes, as I spend too much time in the parts of the internet where “meme” means something completely different, so using them feels a bit off to me. On the other hand, I’ve also wondered where book bloggers find their memes and challenges, as I’m relatively new at this. =D

    • curlygeek04

      The few memes I’ve done, I’ve picked up from other blogs — I like this list because (time permitting) I can actually go through them and pick the ones I like. Some of them are too non-substantive for me — I don’t get books in my mailbox and I don’t care that much about the first line of whatever book you’re reading. Those just seem like something for people to write about when they don’t have other ideas. But to each his own. If I posted every day I’d probably need a Monday idea, and a Tuesday idea, etc.

      The word “meme” is actually a new one for me so I wonder if I’m using it right? My husband tried to explain that the weird cat sayings are an example of a meme and I’m not sure I quite understand.

      • Grace

        Generally on the internet memes are kinda like trends that lots of people pick up on. The lolcats were pretty big on message boards, but there are tons of different examples, which can be anything from images or phrases to videos (an old one was the Rickroll… you’d link a renamed url to someone pretending it’s a relevant video to a discussion when it was really the song “Never Gonna Give You Up”). They’re really interesting to look at as cultural phenomena.

  3. RandomizeME


    Hey, thanks for posting about the meme directory! I hope you found it as useful as I hoped it would be!

    p.s. Love your WP theme – “Digg 3 Column” looks so clean and streamlined!

    • curlygeek04

      Thanks for the compliment. I was happy to pass along an interesting – and useful – post. It’s nice to see the universe of memes out there, although I’m sure there are others. Thanks for adding the ones I mentioned.


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