It’s Monday, What are You Reading?

ImageIt’s Monday! is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.

It’s Monday, and I’m reading travel books about Australia!  Our big news is a semi-impulse trip to Australia in May.  I say semi because we’ve been thinking about it for a while but kept waiting for the right time to manage three weeks of travel.  A few things have happened lately.  The first is that I might be going back to grad school, and that means night classes for about the next three years.  The second is I have less responsibility at work right now, and staff to cover my absence.  So the time is right – plus the recent sequester madness has me feeling grateful for what I have. 

Can we pull off planning a trip to Australia in only 2 months?  Of course!  It’s just that we usually spend 6-9 months thinking about a big trip, so this is sudden for us.  I would LOVE to hear advice from anyone who’s been or lived there.  Favorite spots?  Best way to get over jet lag?  How soon to buy within-Australia plane tickets?  Is Ayers Rock worth the trip?  Will May be too cold? 

In other semi-bookish news, has anyone seen the new Oz movie?  I don’t plan to see it.  As most of you know, I’m a pretty big Oz geek – not that there’s an actual term for that, but there is a community out there of people who love the Oz books and L. Frank Baum as much as I do.  They even have conventions (though I’ve never been).  I really just wanted this movie to do right by the books, but according to the New York Times review, Disney has failed on that front.  What seals the deal for me is the NYT’s assertion that, despite the Oz series being full of strong female characters (revolutionary for its time), this movie “has such backward ideas about female characters that it makes the 1939 ‘Wizard of Oz’ look like a suffragist classic.”  And apparently Franco turns in another Oscar-worthy performance (as in, his horrible Oscar hosting performance).  I saw him on Colbert Report last week and almost couldn’t stand to watch.  

So I think I’ll pass.  And now that I’ve expressed my opinion without even seeing the movie, have you seen it?  Plan to?  

In other reading, I finished Karen Lord’s Best of All Possible Worlds, and I’m currently glued to Patricia Briggs’ Frost Burned.  I don’t know why, but reading a Mercy Thompson novel always makes me feel like I’m coming back to old friends – I can’t think of any other series that affects me like that.  I just love her characters. 

So, happy Monday!  Hope you had a great almost-spring weekend.  What are you reading? 

3 Responses to “It’s Monday, What are You Reading?”

  1. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    I love my country and I hope you do when you visit. May is the beginning of winter but generally the weather is fairly reasonable especially in the top half of Australia. Flights between states are pretty expensive so its often better to use the net to pick up deals once you are here if you don’t have to be somewhere at a specific time. Sydney is the obvious choice to visit with the Harbour Bridge/Opera House/Circular Quay etc. A trip up to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef is definitely worth it. Australia is much bigger than you might think. It takes four days of non stop driving to travel from one coast to the other so if you only have three weeks you are probably better off sticking mainly to the east coast with perhaps a side trip to Uluru (Ayers Rock).

    Hope that helps!

    • curlygeek04

      Thanks for the advice! We’re thinking of Sydney to Adelaide (love wine) to Uluru to Cairns (maybe staying in Port Douglas). Other places we were thinking of were Melbourne, Broken Hill, Whitsundays, and Fraser Island, but in 2.5 weeks we’d rather see a few places well than try to see everything. My husband heard that maybe Uluru is overrated given the travel time, but it still sounds worth seeing. Is Alice Springs worth visiting?

  2. Lindsey

    I’ve heard bad things about the Oz movie too. It’s disappointing – I had high hopes and it looks like the visual effects are beautiful.
    Have a blast planning your trip!


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