Reading Huck Finn, Want to Join Me?

huck finnI’ve been reading light lately, but the last classic I’m tackling this year is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain.  This is a book most people read in high school or college, but it passed me by and I’ve always meant to read it.

Huck may be a child, but already I can see it’s going to be a weighty read, with plenty to discuss.  So I’m thinking of breaking it up a bit — not because it’s long, just to give it the attention it deserves.

A lot of you are thinking something along the lines of “blech, assigned reading?  Holidays coming up, I’d rather read something fun…” Fair enough! But there are Classics Clubbers out there who read this kind of thing for fun.  So if anyone’s interested in joining me in a November readalong, let me know.  I’ve never hosted one of these things before, but would love to have some company.  And Thanksgiving’s a good time for some good American literature.

5 Responses to “Reading Huck Finn, Want to Join Me?”

  1. Lisa

    I’m not a book blogger, but I’ll join you! I never had to read Huck Finn in school and it’s been on my list of things to read for a long time now.

  2. hokiehorticulture

    I am reading this classic as well, as we speak even. Passed me by too, actually starting early on my New Years resolution to read 15 of the most highly regarded “classics” within a year or two. Would love to discuss this one with you. Don’t know how far along you are as of now though….

    • curlygeek04

      I’m about halfway into the book but just getting started with posting about it. I’m going to post a few questions in the next day or two with a Chapter 1-16 post on Saturday. I hope you can join me!


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