Book to Movie Mondays

books-moviesI hope to make this at least a monthly post in 2014.

First, a few items in Books to Movies (or TV) news:

  • I saw this item here about CBS ordering a miniseries based on Alice Hoffman’s novel The Dovekeepers, about ancient Israel and the fight between the Jews and Romans at Masada (on my TBR list).
  • I saw a cool preview for a science fiction movie, Edge of Tomorrow.  I normally hate anything Tom Cruise is in, but this one looks good.  The husband tells it’s based on this book: All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.
  • If I have to see the preview for I, Frankenstein, one more time, I’m going to pull my hair out. I can’t see that this movie has anything to do with Frankenstein the novel, except he has some stitching on his face that goes away 5 seconds into the preview.  Ugh.

And, since the husband and I have seen LOTS of books-to-movies lately, here’s a short review.

  • We saw Catching Fire and The Hobbit in the last couple of weeks.  What did you think?  I was surprised by how much I loved Catching Fire.  Big improvement on the first film and possibly an improvement even on the book.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  The Hunger Games was a far better book than movie, but Catching Fire seemed to get everything right..
  • On the other hand, The Hobbit was a big (and long) disappointment – again.  I just think Peter Jackson has gone the way of George Lucas (“he who shall not be named” in our house).  Jackson’s Hobbit movies are just a retread of the Lord of the Rings films, instead of really bringing what was so different about the book to the big screen.  The elves were annoying, the fight scenes ridiculous, and the only cool part, in my opinion, was the dragon.  Everything else felt like scenes from LOTR chopped up and stuck in random order – only with none of the character development or acting the LOTR movies had.  I kept expecting Aragorn to show up any moment and was disappointed when he didn’t.
  • This is old news but since we’re talking, what did you think of Ender’s Game?  I gave it a thumbs up – yes, it shortened the book by a lot but for me it hit all the emotional parts.  Except I wanted more of the game.  The husband gave it a big thumbs down because he loved the book, and felt way too much of it was missing or simplified.  Fair enough.
  • The Book Thief is getting horrible reviews so I haven’t seen it.  Have you? What did you think?

What’s coming in 2014?  In January I’ll do a bigger 2014 post, but here are a few interesting ones: The Giver, Gone Girl, The Fault in our Stars, The Maze Runner, and Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

Coming soon: my review of Joyce Maynard’s Labor Day, soon to be a movie with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.

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