Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Read the Most

toptentuesdayI know I’ve been a little light on reviews lately, but they’re coming, I promise! 

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is what authors you’ve read the most.  I thought this was a fun topic for a top ten list, since it will tell you a lot about how I read. I decided to create two lists, one of series authors, and one of non-series authors. They just don’t seem comparable to me. Although there’s some crossover – Kate Atkinson writes series and non-series, as does Margaret Atwood, and JK Rowling wrote one non-series book, The Casual Vacancy. But mostly it works.

 So, in the series category, here are my top ten (alphabetical):

  1. Ilona Andrews
  2. Patricia Briggs
  3. Jim Butcher
  4. Jasper Fforde
  5. Diana Gabaldon
  6. Naomi Novik
  7. Anne Perry
  8. Deanna Raybourn
  9. JK Rowling
  10. Scott Westerfeld

 In the non-series category, here’s who I decided on (also alphabetical):

  1. Isabel Allende
  2. Kate Atkinson
  3. Margaret Atwood
  4. Jane Austen
  5. T.C. Boyle
  6. Thomas Hardy
  7. Alice Hoffman
  8. Stephen King
  9. Barbara Kingsolver
  10. Armistead Maupin

This list took more time than I anticipated, but it was fun to think about. Some of my runners-up were Larry McMurtry, Nick Hornby, and Maggie O’Farrell, just to give you an idea. If you wanted to know my favorite authors, this would pretty much tell you.

Who’s on your list?

11 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Read the Most”

    • curlygeek04

      Thanks for visiting! As you can see I didn’t worry too much about the hard count. I had to look at shelves plus Kindle which took a while. At least with the Kindle I can sort by author which was a lot easier.

  1. Enbrethiliel


    When I was writing my Tenner, I thought it was unfair that authors who wrote series had such an edge over others who didn’t–and I even suggested that all books in a series count as one. LOL! I wish I had thought of making two lists, as you have.

    • curlygeek04

      Thanks! It seemed like it wouldn’t be a good representation of my favorite authors if I didn’t split them up. I wish I’d thought to include children’s authors though, Roald Dahl and L. Frank Baum should have been on my list. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Shannon (Giraffe Days)

    It did take a while to get numbers, I agree! I scrolled through my books on Goodreads with a pen and paper to jot them down, and then had trouble reading it it was such a mess! Rather nerdy fun though 😉

    I’ve read books by almost all of those authors, and of the ones I haven’t read, I own books by most of them. No Hoffman, Perry or Boyle. Nice mix of fantasy, mystery and thought-provoking fiction here, Deb!

    • curlygeek04

      Nerdy fun… I totally agree! I didn’t worry too much about accuracy, just who should make the list or not. TC Boyle is one of my favorites and a very under-read author in my opinion. My favorite books of his take little-known historical people and wrap elaborate fictional stories around them (Riven Rock, The Road to Wellville, and The Inner Circle).

  3. Nish

    That’s a good idea to divide it up between series and non-series authors. The list can get a bit skewed otherwise


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