Outlander premiere — the anticipation builds…

Outlander_Gallery1_wmI’m nervous about how excited I am for this series! Does that sound weird? I’m usually disappointed by movie/TV adaptations of books I love (case in point: Johnny Depp’s horrible Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the recent Wizard of Oz). I just don’t like things I love to be messed with. Why remake something when it’s perfect as is?

But I’ve been following this one very closely, reading Gabaldon’s blog and watching interviews with her and Ron Moore. And it seems to me they are developing this series very faithfully to the book. So I’m getting really, really excited to see it “come to life.”

First, I can’t wait to share this story with my husband, who is himself of Fraser descent (yes, I married a Fraser). He’s never going to read the book, even though a lot of guys do. But I think – hope – he’ll love the story, and then he’ll know a little more about what I’ve been going on about for years.

(Which brings me back to being nervous. I’m happy for the husband and I to have different opinions on a lot of things, but I really want him to like this one.)

I’m also excited because – it looks fantastic. Even though I haven’t seen much yet, I love the woman playing Claire – at least, the look of her. I love her curly blowy hair and the fact that she looks intelligent and not pretty or dainty. Which is not to say she isn’t attractive, she just seems more than that. She may not match the vision of Claire I have in my head, which in the later books at least is more of a Blythe Danner type – but I think she MIGHT be perfect.

I’m a little less sure about Jamie, but Gabaldon has told us not to leap to judgment before we’ve seen him act. He’s a little TOO beautiful for my taste – I picture Jamie as scruffy, not chiseled. Okay Sam Heughan, wow me. (Something tells me it won’t be too difficult.)

He looks so young, younger than Claire – which is good since he’s supposed to be. Having lived with older Jamie and Claire for years now, it’s hard to remember how young they were when they met.

Please, let it be good.  

The show premieres in the U.S. tomorrow, August 9 on STARZ – but most of you know already you can watch the first episode on the show’s website. Sadly, my husband will be in California so I have to decide whether to wait to watch with him, or just watch it a few times. Hmmm…

If you were looking for a review, I’m still letting the anticipation build just a bit more.  Have you seen it?  What did you think? 

8 Responses to “Outlander premiere — the anticipation builds…”

  1. Nish

    I am quite excited about the casting although neither look quite like how I imagine Jaime and Claire to look like, but I am really interested in seeing this world brought to life nevertheless. I am especially looking forward to seeing all that beautiful Scottish countryside and those castles in the show.

    • curlygeek04

      Yes, it looks gorgeous. Watching the premiere totally reminded me of my trip to Scotland years ago, which was pretty much inspired by this book.

      • Nish

        @curlygeek04: I’ve yet to go to Scotland. For now, I can live vicariously through TV. It’s long been on my bucketlist for places to go.

    • curlygeek04

      The first episode is available on demand or online if you don’t want to wait. I’m kind of sad we won’t all be sitting around at the same time Saturday night watching…

      • winterbayne

        I can’t bring myself to watch yet. It’s recorded. I work tonight and I may need decompression time after I see it. HA!

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