2018 Reading Challenges

As 2017 wraps to a close (thankfully), I’ve been thinking about 2018 challenges.  I love reading challenges.  Even though I know I won’t succeed at all of them, they’re a fun way to connect with other bloggers and a good way to push myself to read more intentionally.  You can find a really good list of 2018 challenges at Feed Your Fiction Addiction.

The tough part is not signing up for too many!  I look for a good amount of overlap across challenges, I look for ones I feel I can reasonably complete, and I also look for a good amount of flexibility: I still want to be able to read what I want to read.

I’ve posted all of my 2018 challenge sign-ups on this page, with lists of the books I hope to read.  In 2018, I plan to follow some of the challenges I did in 2017, including:

  • Back to the Classics has you read classics in specific categories. I did poorly on this challenge in 2017, but here’s to a better 2018! My five-year Classics Club list is “expired”, but of course I mean to keep reading classics.
  • The Book Blogger Discussion Challenge encourages posts about reading and blogging, not just reviews, which is something I always want to do more of.
  • The Reading All Around the World Challenge is a multi-year challenge to read more books from other countries. I read 12 in 2017 and will keep that list going.

2018tbrbuttonOne of my favorite challenges, Roof Beam Reader’s TBR Pile Challenge, is back.  You select 12 books, plus two alternates, that have been on your TBR list for at least a year.  I like this challenge because 1) most of my books are on my Kindle, not on my shelves (I’m a literal thinker); and 2) I tend to get caught up in new releases but forget about the many books on my want-to-read list, and often those are the best ones.  I’ve posted my list of TBR books on my 2018 Challenge Page.

Here are the new challenges I’m thinking about:


  • The Read Harder Challenge by Book Riot gives you 24 categories you can check off as you read, across all genres.  Categories include a book about nature, a children’s classic, a book with a cover you hate, and celebrity memoir.  Those are the easy ones — a few that will be harder for me: a book of social science, a book of true crime, a western, a book published posthumously, and colonial or postcolonial fiction.
  • I found two challenges for science fiction and fantasy where you fit your science fiction and fantasy into specific categories: Science Fiction and Fantasy Bingo and the Swords and Stars Challenge.  For bingo, categories are things like space, plague, alternate reality, undead, fantastic beasts, and “bite me”.
  • Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, this Finishing the Series Challenge 2018finishserieslets you pick series you want to finish or catch up on in 2018.
  • And one more: The Les Miserables Chapter a Day Readalong has you read one chapter a day, completing the whole book in one year.  Apparently Les Mis has 365 chapters, short ones, so the idea is that one chapter a day is absolutely doable.  The host also suggests good translations for those of us who will be reading in English.

Update: I’m adding still one more, which is the Doing Dewey Nonfiction Challenge.  I plan to continue reading more nonfiction, as I did in 2017.  My goal will be 12 books, at least one a month.

I hope you’ll consider joining me on one or more of these challenges!  And thanks in advance to the hosts.  I’ve never hosted a challenge but I imagine it’s quite a lot of work.

I also plan on continuing to read diverse authors.  So if anyone knows of a good challenge in that area, please let me know!

See my 2018 Challenges page for regular progress updates.  What challenges will you be taking on in 2018?

24 Comments on “2018 Reading Challenges

  1. Love the idea of your challenges! It’s not something i ever thought about – apart from doing Nanowrimo one year! (And I loved that!) Thanks for the inspiration. L x

    • I imagine as a writer you have plenty of writing challenges and don’t really need to add reading challenges on top of that. I loved your book and look forward to reading more! Happy 2018!

      • And a very happy 2018 to you too! I’m launching my new novel in February and then a non-fiction book (on screenwriting) in mid-March so you’re right, I might need to hold the reading challenges back until after that! If you’d like an advanced copy of either, let me know and I can send them across! x

      • Thanks Lindsay! I’ll definitely get back to you about the new novel. Congratulations and good luck with both of them!

      • Hi, I missed this! Can’t believe it’s now March! Hope you’re well, Lindsay

  2. Well, you’ve picked some of my favorite challenges! I think my very favorite one last year was Reading All Around the World, perhaps because it’s not officially a challenge so the pressure is off. I can’t wait to “visit” more countries next year, and it helped with reading diverse authors too.

    • I always get a lot of ideas from your blog, so that makes sense that we’re similar. I definitely got the Les Mis challenge from you. You did great on your challenges this year!

  3. Those are some great challenges! I’m doing the 2018 TBR Pile challenge and I also signed up for the Classics challenge this year, but for that one you set your own end date and for me it’s December 31st, 2019. I’m also challenging myself to read more translated fiction, for an author of every letter of the alphabet. And I have ongoing ones on my blog for the 1,001 books to read before you die and the Rory Gilmore challenge. I keep myself busy!

    • That sounds like a lot of good challenges and plenty to do (especially the every letter of the alphabet). For a longer term classics challenge I recommend the Classics Club, if you’re not already in it.

  4. I tend to join quite a bit of challenges and usually don’t do so well but I still have tons of fun. It’s all about anticipating books to read and discovering new titles and readers. Plus, sometimes I enjoy delving into a genre I’m not very familiar with. Have a great time with your challenges!

    • It sounds like we have a very similar approach to challenges! I always know I won’t complete all of them but it does push me to read some new things. Have a happy 2018!

  5. WOW!! This is some list of challenges! I do love yearly challenges but by the end of the year I don’t follow up or even look at it… This year I’m thinking of jut making my own personalized challenge so that I will follow up with myself! ❤ Great listing though! I need to check some of these out!

    • Making your own challenge makes sense if the others don’t really work for you. I always think reading is very personal, and the important thing is to enjoy it! Good luck with whatever you do in 2018.

  6. These are some great challenges! The Book Blogger Discussion Challenge has caught my eye – I’ve been thinking about what non-review posts to add to my blog and it would be the kick I need to get going on that. My goal setting has been stagnant over the past three years so I’m looking forward to changing things up for 2018.

    • The Discussion Challenge is great, and you can always get good ideas from the other bloggers in the challenge. Hope your 2018 is better!

  7. Thank you so much for joining Swords and Stars! So happy to have you along. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m like you I sign up for a lot of challenges, I just love them and there are so many good ones, Good luck in all your challenges!

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  10. Wow, that’s a lot of reading challenges. I only signed up for the Discussion Challenge because I get overwhelmed really easily, especially when it comes to dealing with a lot of commitments. Good luck with yours though! Wishing you all the best.

  11. I really like your criteria for picking challenges! I also like to pick ones that will help me read more intentionally and I prefer challenges that don’t restrict my reading too much. I have decided to cut back on the number of challenges I sign up for in hopes that I do finish all of them, but we’ll see 🙂

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