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Dragonfly in Amber and Outlander, Season Two

I’ve been binge-reading Book 2 of the Outlander series, Dragonfly in Amber, and also watching the show.  This picture is what my book looks like, which I bought in the mid-90s (!). I’ve always felt a little conflicted about this book.  On the one… Continue Reading “Dragonfly in Amber and Outlander, Season Two”

Outlander: My thoughts on the finale

This will be my last post about Outlander for a while, since we won’t have Season 2 until 2016. Did you watch? What did you think of the finale? I know I’m a week late on this, but it takes me a while to… Continue Reading “Outlander: My thoughts on the finale”

Violence and the end of Outlander, Season One

Lately I’ve been thinking about onscreen violence versus book violence. I’ve read two books lately with way more torture in them than I could stand, and as I said in my Water Knife review, you can’t close your eyes and ears when you’re reading.… Continue Reading “Violence and the end of Outlander, Season One”

Outlander Episode 7: The Wedding

You’ve probably heard plenty about the wedding episode already, if you’re following the show. I just want to say thank you to the Outlander team for getting so much of this book right. Sorry to those of you in the U.K. who can’t watch… Continue Reading “Outlander Episode 7: The Wedding”

Outlander Episodes 3 and 4

Outlander just keeps getting better. I’m amazed at how closely they are following the book; I’ve been reading after every episode to follow along (but not before, because I’d rather watch without knowing everything). Episode 3 was one of those yell-at-the-TV episodes. As in,… Continue Reading “Outlander Episodes 3 and 4”

Review of Outlander Episode 2: Castle Leoch

Are you watching?  What did you think? Episode 2 was clearly designed to impart a lot of story information.  We meet a lot of new characters: Colum, Geillis, Laoghaire, Mrs. Fitz.  But of course, this episode is really about Jamie, just as episode 1… Continue Reading “Review of Outlander Episode 2: Castle Leoch”

Outlander: My Review of Episode 1

It’s possible I’m posting way too much about a TV show, and some of you think I’m a bit obsessed. I’m beginning to think so too.  But here, until next week anyway, are my thoughts about Episode 1.  For two excellent reviews, I recommend… Continue Reading “Outlander: My Review of Episode 1”

Reading in the News: Outlander, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Neil Gaiman and the Nook

While I’m finishing some reviews, here are some bookish news items seen recently: Outlander the TV show: I am all about the new Outlander cable TV show. Diana Gabaldon is heavily involved in every aspect of production, and it’s being made by Ronald Moore,… Continue Reading “Reading in the News: Outlander, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Neil Gaiman and the Nook”

Upcoming Books to Movies — and an Outlander Update

I’m thinking about some new post ideas, and one is a regular “book to movie” (or TV) post, since there are so many books being made into movies these days.  Are you excited – or nervous – about The Book Thief?  Divergent?  What did… Continue Reading “Upcoming Books to Movies — and an Outlander Update”

New Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2013

While I’m working on a few reviews, I wanted to post this awesome link to all the best 2013 science fiction and fantasy novels coming out in 2013. My husband sent me this link, and the first thing that struck me about this list… Continue Reading “New Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2013”

Just a catch-up, tired-of-work, glad-it’s-Friday, ready-for-wine post …

Dear readers, friends, and family, I’m sorry about the lack of posting lately.  Everything’s all right, I’m just beat.  Had three lovely days in Southern California, then came back to three days of 10 hour workdays and mental exhaustion.  (You know I’m tired when… Continue Reading “Just a catch-up, tired-of-work, glad-it’s-Friday, ready-for-wine post …”

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