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Outlander Episode 7: The Wedding

You’ve probably heard plenty about the wedding episode already, if you’re following the show. I just want to say thank you to the Outlander team for getting so much of this book right. Sorry to those of you in the U.K. who can’t watch the show, and for those of you who aren’t caught up,…

Outlander Episodes 3 and 4

Outlander just keeps getting better. I’m amazed at how closely they are following the book; I’ve been reading after every episode to follow along (but not before, because I’d rather watch without knowing everything). Episode 3 was one of those yell-at-the-TV episodes. As in, “nooo, don’t go there”! Claire is so headstrong but you can…

Outlander: My Review of Episode 1

It’s possible I’m posting way too much about a TV show, and some of you think I’m a bit obsessed. I’m beginning to think so too.  But here, until next week anyway, are my thoughts about Episode 1.  For two excellent reviews, I recommend i09, and The AV Club. In a nutshell: it was glorious.…


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