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Kindle Unlimited: What do you think?

What do you think of the Kindle Unlimited plan? For $10 a month, you can “rent” as many books as you want. Two questions immediately come to mind: 1) which books are available? And 2) does the book disappear from my Kindle at a… Continue Reading “Kindle Unlimited: What do you think?”

Thoughts on Amazon, Hachette, and publishing in general

Yesterday’s New York Times had a good article yesterday about Amazon, Hachette, and publishers’ growing concerns about the power that Amazon wields. I have to tell you I’m feeling very mixed about the whole thing. For one, it’s a little hard to feel outraged that… Continue Reading “Thoughts on Amazon, Hachette, and publishing in general”

Amazon versus Apple and Publishers: Who’s Right?

This week, the Department of Justice charged Apple and five major publishers with collusion to keep book prices high.  A few years ago, this forced Amazon to raise its prices from the $10 it started with to anywhere from $12 to $16 for newly… Continue Reading “Amazon versus Apple and Publishers: Who’s Right?”

Sometimes it’s just life telling you something…

As you can probably tell, I put a lot of thought into choosing what I read.   There are hundreds of books I’d like to read, and I only have time for a few.  So this week I did something I wouldn’t normally do.  I… Continue Reading “Sometimes it’s just life telling you something…”

Catching Up on a Cold Drizzly Sunday

It’s been a busy week for me — I’ve written a couple of reviews but I’m way behind, so I apologize for the lag.  Between craziness at work, studying madly for the GRE (two weeks away), and trying to decide what do do about… Continue Reading “Catching Up on a Cold Drizzly Sunday”

Print Books: Which Ones Would You Move?

If you’re moving across the country, how many books go with you? This article in the New York Times describes the quandary of a journalist who is planning to move across the country.  He has hundreds of books, but he also has most of… Continue Reading “Print Books: Which Ones Would You Move?”

Weekend Updates and a Blog Birthday Giveaway

I’m working on a pretty long review so for today I just wanted to write about a few things and announce part 1 of my Blog Birthday Giveaway. This week I finished Wallace Stegner’s Crossing to Safety, and now I’m reading Ilona Andrew’s latest… Continue Reading “Weekend Updates and a Blog Birthday Giveaway”

BigAl vs. Jacqueline Howett – Craziness in the Book Blogging World

Maybe you’ve all heard this story already, but if not it’s a pretty interesting one.  BigAl’s Books and Pals is a small book blog (50-ish hits a day, 200 followers) focusing on independent authors with an emphasis on Kindle publications.  On March 16, BigAl… Continue Reading “BigAl vs. Jacqueline Howett – Craziness in the Book Blogging World”

Updated software for the Kindle, and are e-readers good for teens?

Kindle Update The latest news from Amazon is a software update for the Kindle.  These aren’t big changes, but a few things you might be interested in: Public notes Real page numbers (corresponding to an actual print version of the book) Improved newspaper and… Continue Reading “Updated software for the Kindle, and are e-readers good for teens?”

Kindle Lending, Birthday Bestsellers, and Helping Kids Learn to Read

I hope everyone is having a great weekend — happy second-to-last-weekend-of-football Sunday!  This is a big deal in our house, even though none of our teams are still in the playoffs.  I root for lots of teams, depending on where I’ve lived, where my… Continue Reading “Kindle Lending, Birthday Bestsellers, and Helping Kids Learn to Read”

New Kindle Report: Day 3

New Kindle arrived Friday, so I’ve now had two full days to play with it (er, I mean read).  Here are a few pictures and a few quick comparisons between Kindle 1 and Kindle 3. Things that are fantastically better: text/screen contrast page turning… Continue Reading “New Kindle Report: Day 3”

No More Kindles?

The big Kindle news today was that Amazon has sold out of the 6 inch Kindle 2 model.  No information forthcoming about when Kindles might be back in stock.  So what does that mean?  It means the Kindle is selling well for one thing,… Continue Reading “No More Kindles?”

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