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Ditching the TBR List: How We Choose What We Read

Most people, outside of school or work, read what they want, when they want.  But book bloggers spend a lot of time thinking about what they’re going to read – at least I do. Given limited reading time, I read for entertainment and for relaxation….

Reading Challenges in 2020

I had to think this year about how many challenges to take on.  Too many and you make reading too stressful.  And yet there are so many I’d like to participate in.  My husband “challenged” me to limit myself to three, which I’m not…

2019 Challenges: the Halfway Mark

We’re halfway into the year, so it’s time for a quarterly report-out on challenges.  You can see current progress on all my challenges here. For the TBR Pile Challenge, I’ve read 5 of 12, which isn’t terrible halfway into the year, but isn’t great…

Read Harder 2019: A Quarterly Challenge Update

This year I want to post at least a quarterly update on the challenges I’m working on.  Each quarter I’ll focus on a different challenge.  I’m trying to keep these low-pressure but I’m finding myself a little bit obsessed with the Read Harder challenge…

2019 Reading Challenges

This year I’m going to avoid signing up for any new challenges, but will continue with the ones I enjoyed most last year. The TBR Pile Challenge, hosted by Roof Beam Reader, asks you to take 12 books, plus two alternates, that have been…

Reading Nonfiction: the Doing Dewey Challenge and Mini-Reviews

I never used to read nonfiction.  I’ve always said I learn more from a memorable story and characters than from a recitation of facts.  And that’s still true, but over the last two years I’ve really come to appreciate nonfiction.  Last year I read…

Read Harder 2018: Help me finish this year’s challenge

So far I’ve read 13 out of the 24 Read Harder 2018 Challenge.  It’s my first time doing this challenge and I’m really enjoying it.  But it’s the categories I haven’t read so far that are the real challenge. What I’d really like is…

2018 Reading Challenges: a First Quarter Progress Check

With 2018 just over a quarter of the way through, I’ve decided to write about progress on my (too) many reading challenges. One of my favorite challenges this year is the Read Harder Challenge by Book Riot, which has 24 categories of books that…

Mid-year Musings: 2017 Resolutions and Challenges

As we hit the year’s halfway point, I looked at my progress on blog resolutions and challenges.  Last year I was really overwhelmed, and this year, with no grad school, I’ve been able to put the blog first.  That makes me happy. But have…

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