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My October Reading Wrap-Up

October wasn’t a great blogging month for me, because there’s really only one thing that mattered this month — the election.  I started volunteering with the Biden campaign, which helps my stress levels a bit because at least I feel like I’m doing something. … Continue Reading “My October Reading Wrap-Up”

My September Reading Wrap-Up

September felt very, very long. I started a tough new job, spent the month alone while my husband visited his family in California, and worried about my niece who may have been infected with COVID (she wasn’t, thankfully). We lost RBG, and the country… Continue Reading “My September Reading Wrap-Up”

My July Reading Wrap-Up

July felt like a long month.  There are a lot of things happening in this country that quite frankly terrify me. Among other things, I’m furious about the way school re-openings have been politicized. Two of my sisters are teachers – one is desperate to… Continue Reading “My July Reading Wrap-Up”

20 Books of Summer: My June Reading Wrap-up

I always read a lot in summer, because I like to sit outside and read, even in the heat, and thanks to audiobooks I can read while I garden. This was a really good reading month, mainly because of the diversity of authors and… Continue Reading “20 Books of Summer: My June Reading Wrap-up”

My May Reading Wrap-up

May was a troubling month, I’m not going to lie about that. I’m deeply disturbed by the events of the last week, and I’m constantly disturbed by my country’s leadership and reactions to the pandemic. I had hoped (naively) that the pandemic might be… Continue Reading “My May Reading Wrap-up”

My April Reading Wrap-up

How was your April?  This month moved a lot quicker than March — life at home is feeling more normal.  I guess I like having a routine, and we’ve been keeping virtually busy, actually (online wine tasting, book clubs, zooming with family).  Our cat,… Continue Reading “My April Reading Wrap-up”

My March Reading Wrap-up

How is everyone? This was a strange and terrifying month, one that seems to have lasted forever.  Which is scary in itself, because we have at least a couple of months of this ahead.  There are things I’m liking about staying home.  In some… Continue Reading “My March Reading Wrap-up”

My February Reading Wrap-Up

Happy Leap Day everyone!  Right now our house feels like a construction zone because we’re renovating our bathroom.  It’s messy and disruptive, and our cats aren’t happy, but I’m really excited for the results. I hadn’t given a lot of thought to the coronavirus… Continue Reading “My February Reading Wrap-Up”

My January Reading Wrap-Up

I read so many wonderful books in January.  I started out the month determined to just relax and read whatever came my way, rather than trying to plan things out too much.  Without a doubt, the most powerful book I read this month was… Continue Reading “My January Reading Wrap-Up”

My November Reading Wrap-up

This month I focused on knocking out the Reading Women 2019 Challenge.  I had four books to read: a book about nature, a play, a book about a female athlete, and a Lambda Literary Award winner.  Challenge completed!  I had a lot of reading… Continue Reading “My November Reading Wrap-up”

My October Reading Wrap-up

I’m a little late with my wrap-up, but it’s been a busy week, with work trips to both Minneapolis (brrr!) and Tampa (80 degrees and on the beach), and a friend’s retirement party in-between. I read so many great books in October: Daughter of… Continue Reading “My October Reading Wrap-up”

My September Reading Wrap-Up

In September we traveled to France and Portugal.  We revisited one of our favorite places, Saint-Emilion, and toured wineries around Bordeaux.  We explored Lisbon and Porto with four of our friends.  We saw cows and windmills, castles and convents.  I ate octopus, sampled port,… Continue Reading “My September Reading Wrap-Up”

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