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Mystery Series Mini-Reviews: the Kopp Sisters, Jackson Brodie and Maisie Dobbs

I don’t often write about books in series, but I read a few recently and thought it might be helpful to discuss them together.  For those who haven’t read these series, or aren’t caught up, I’ve avoided spoilers and focused more on the series… Continue Reading “Mystery Series Mini-Reviews: the Kopp Sisters, Jackson Brodie and Maisie Dobbs”

Series on Sunday: Mini-reviews Part 2

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!  I’ve been battling an ugly cold but otherwise our Christmas was quite nice.  The husband and I slept in, made pancakes and opened gifts, talked to family and in the evening we broke out our… Continue Reading “Series on Sunday: Mini-reviews Part 2”

Fall Releases I’m Excited About

It seems like all of my favorite authors are coming out with something new this fall.  I have review copies of the new books by Atwood, Mitchell, and Allende from NetGalley, so I’ve got lots of reading to do!  Plus we get a final… Continue Reading “Fall Releases I’m Excited About”

Series on Sunday: Mini-Reviews

Since my last Series on Sunday I’ve read these series books: The Black Lung Captain by Chris Wooding Cut to the Quick by Kate Ross Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron I enjoyed all of them, and while none are in the ballpark… Continue Reading “Series on Sunday: Mini-Reviews”

Series on Sunday: Mini-reviews of series books

Trying something new this month!  I rarely review series books, unless it’s the first in a series. So I thought I’d do a set of mini-reviews instead. (Note: minor spoilers ahead since two of these reviews are for the second book in the series.)… Continue Reading “Series on Sunday: Mini-reviews of series books”

Books in Series: a Mid-Year Round-Up

In the last couple of months I’ve read more than series books than usual.  I don’t like reviewing series after the first book, because (1) it’s too spoilerish and (2) because series books are usually pretty fluffy and there isn’t much to say about… Continue Reading “Books in Series: a Mid-Year Round-Up”

Best Book Covers of 2013 — And How Much Do Covers Matter?

I wanted to share a cool post from Stainless Steel Droppings on some of the best science fiction and fantasy covers of 2013.  Most of these aren’t books I’ve read, but on the covers alone I now want to read The Misfortune Cookie, Love… Continue Reading “Best Book Covers of 2013 — And How Much Do Covers Matter?”

If only I could quit my job and read more…

On Sunday afternoon I took an hour for some “me-time” – after work, laundry, and brunching with the family all while under the grips of migraine meds – and since I was between books I spent the time catching up on the many sample… Continue Reading “If only I could quit my job and read more…”

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