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New Kindles announced!

Well, yesterday I was “scooped” by Amazon – two new Kindles have been announced! You can see more at http://www.amazon.com or read about them in this New York Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/29/technology/29kindle.html?_r=1&hpw.

Amazon is selling a $139 Kindle with Wi-Fi only, and a $189 with 3G. According to the New York Times, “Both new Kindles are smaller and lighter, with higher contrast screens and crisper text.”

Amazon also says they are working on touch screen and color but at the moment it is “not ready for prime time”. CEO Jeff Bezos says to release a Kindle with those features now would actually inhibit reading.

The new Kindles will ship August 27, still have a six-inch reading area but weigh about 15 percent less. The new Kindles have twice the storage, up to 3,500 books.

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